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Globally acclaimed keynote speaker, futures strategist, 5 times bestselling author, Singularity University and Duke CE faculty member, Associate Partner at the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies, Chief of Tomorrow Board Member and podcaster at The Expansive – John Sanei isn’t just transforming the way we think about the future, he’s empowering us with the courage we need to cultivate everlasting change.

Using a dynamic mix of human psychology, quantum science, business strategy and futurism, John creates talks, writes books, delivers masterclasses and sits on boards to help guide future-forward leaders who are ready to lean into uncertainty, overcome doubt, and rise with courage, clarity and power.

By amplifying key messages based on the audience’s needs, John Sanei helps people develop clearer visions of the future and an understanding of their role in shaping it.

A Library of Modern Wisdom

Who Do We Become?

Step boldly into our strange new world, completely free of fear.


Forge a prosperous, sustainable and confident way forward.


Prepare your perspective for the future you're creating.


Harness the future to start magnetising the life you want.

What’s Your Moonshot?

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5 Reasons Executives Love John

Whether he’s advising Fortune 500 corporations, inspiring entrepreneurs or reimagining personal brands, John is admired for the way he…

Using captivating, real-life stories, John helps audiences connect the dots already laid out in front of them. This simple act inspires participants to become active contributors in their own expanding and expansive futures.

Giving audiences the language and vocabulary they previously lacked to confidently talk about our strange new “tomorrow”, John’s talks open up a brand new world of dialogue that forms a unique blueprint for personal and business evolution. ​

Sharing his own successes and failures, John encourages vulnerability in others – an essential first step in creating adaptive, resilient and diverse leaders who aren’t afraid of what’s coming next.

Disrupting the old to encourage the new, John’s own curiosity ignites the same inquisitiveness in those around him, allowing audiences and leaders to rethink, reinvent and reimagine who they are and where they want to go.

Presenting listeners with tailored tools, key insights and actionable goals, John easily motivates others to power forward with confidence and re-energised passion, exacting lasting change on individual, business and global levels. ​

Step boldly into our strange, new world.

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