Blending the disciplines of human psychology, neuroscience, business strategy, and futurism to conquer uncertainty.

Blending the disciplines of human psychology, neuroscience, business strategy, and futurism to conquer uncertainty.

Learn how to celebrate uncertainty.

Learn how to
Celebrate uncertainty.

Re-calibrate how you think about thinking and overcome any doubt about the future.

Re-calibrate how you think about thinking and overcome any doubt about the future.

Renowned keynote speaker, acclaimed futures strategist and trusted advisor to the world’s leading Fortune 100 companies and future-focused organizations.

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Please meet the secret weapon to your organization’s success: John Sanei.

John specializes in preparing leaders, decision-makers, and high-performing individuals for the future, helping them navigate the challenges and uncertainties that lie ahead.

In the past, understanding the top trends in a sector was sufficient, but now, in today’s fast-paced world, teams need to do more than predict what’s to come. Businesses and the individuals involved in execution and output need to do more than stay ahead of trends—they need to be the trendsetters and innovate in totally new ways.

To stay relevant, organizations need to foster adaptable leadership teams, develop agile organizational structures, and nurture individuals who can unlearn, relearn, and embrace the ever-evolving landscape.

This task is more significant than people realise—it requires a genuine brain rewiring to perceive new possibilities and embrace change.

John’s role is to guide your organization through unlearning, relearning, and changing awareness. Drawing from neuroscience, psychology, business strategy, and futurism, John empowers decision-makers and leaders to prepare for all eventualities beyond the current popular trends that often dominate the conversation.

Get in touch with John to embark on the journey towards future preparation—focusing not just on the what but on the how of building resilience and adaptability.

Together, we will forge a path to thrive in an ever-changing world.

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International Keynote Speaker John Sanei

How John Can Help Your Organization

Work With John


Welcome tomorrow with John’s innovative and thought-provoking talks

Led by acclaimed keynote speaker, futurist and bold business strategist, John’s collection of keynotes will shift the way your team and organization think about and prepare for the future.

Immersive Masterclasses

Multi-Session Online or In-Person Interactive Events

Deep dive with John through engaging multi-session masterclasses filled with interactive elements. Through masterclasses, attendees will deepen and integrate the concepts taught in keynotes so that they can anchor new knowledge, develop wisdom and set a new vision for the future.

Strategic Advisory

High-Level Bespoke Strategy

Designed for high-level boards and C-suite executives, work with John as he develops bespoke strategies that will shift the focus and direction of your team and organization into the future.

the expansive podcast by john sanei

The Expansive Podcast

Shift your perspective and elevate your outlook, one episode at a time

Join John Sanei and co-host Erik Kruger for thought-provoking discussions on leadership, business strategy, mindset, personal development and much more. Tune in for weekly episodes. Get ready to become Expansive.
The Expansive
The Expansive

The Expansive podcast is all about exploring the world and our lives in a wide-ranging and expansive way, with a focus on leadership, organizations, and entrepreneurship. Each episode, join in on the banter between friends as we delve into a variety of topics, including business strategy, creative problem-solving, personal growth, and much more. Whether you’re a leader in your field, an entrepreneur, or simply someone who loves to learn and grow, The Expansive has something for you. Our goal is to inspire and motivate you to think big and embrace new possibilities, both in your personal and professional life. So, join us as we engage in thought-provoking conversations and share our own unique perspectives on the world of business and leadership.

MasterClass: Collaborative Intelligence and Building Teams in 2024
byThe Expansive


In this conversation, John Sanei and Erik discuss the importance of building teams in 2024 and cultivating leaders who can navigate the complexities of the modern world. They explore the different leadership styles that have emerged throughout history and how they have evolved to meet the demands of each era. They also highlight the role of collaboration and the need for leaders to be open and receptive to new ideas and technologies, such as artificial intelligence. The conversation emphasizes the importance of overcoming defensiveness and adopting a mindset of exploration and openness in order to foster effective collaboration and innovation. This conversation explores the themes of collaboration, innovation, and the future of work. It tells the story of Stanley, a company that experienced exponential growth by embracing new products and collaborations. The conversation also highlights the importance of human-AI collaboration and the potential for symbiosis. Ultimately, it emphasizes the power of collaboration in building a better future.


  • Building teams and cultivating leaders is crucial in navigating the complexities of the modern world.
  • Leadership styles have evolved throughout history to meet the demands of each era.
  • Collaboration and openness are key to effective team building and innovation.
  • Overcoming defensiveness is essential for fostering collaboration and embracing new ideas and technologies. Embrace exploration and innovation to drive growth and success.
  • Seek out collaborations and partnerships to expand your reach and impact.
  • Embrace human-AI collaboration to enhance productivity and effectiveness.
  • Build strong relationships and communities to navigate the complexities of the future.



Introduction and Travel Experiences


Building Teams in 2024


Leadership Styles in Different Eras


The Antidote to Defensiveness: Openness


Mental Model 1: Exploration and Openness


Mental Model 2: Extract and Explore


Stanley’s Journey to Success


Exploring New Products


Collaborations and Mass Hysteria


Human-AI Collaboration


Becoming Augmented


The Power of Collaboration


Building the Future Together


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