Executive Advisory

Bespoke strategies designed to prepare your organization for the future and beyond.

There are three options in John’s

high-level Executive Advisory:

Work with John as your Chief of Tomorrow Officer

As your Chief of Tomorrow Officer, John will join your board and work alongside its members as they develop strategies and processes. While existing board members focus on tasks of the present and immediate future, John brings his expertise of looking well beyond tomorrow to ensure your organization does the same.

Your board of directors will be led by one of the best futures strategists in the world.

You’ll have a dedicated resource working solely on trend analysis, data interpretation, futures strategy and risk mitigation.

John will also play a key role in managing your company’s resources and budgets.

He’ll work closely with other board members to ensure the organization remains agile and responsive to market changes.

Curious about how having John as your Chief of Tomorrow Officer will revolutionise your organization?

Get in touch with John and learn about what’s possible.

John Sanei Expert Advisory

Have John advise your board

If you’re not ready for John to sit as a direct board member, you can still enlist his executive advisory services. Here, John will act as an advisor to your board, seeing your organization receive high-level strategic advice on ways to adopt future strategies.

Your topmost decision-making team will be fully equipped with all of the necessary tools

John will play a central role in shaping the direction of your organization and helping it adapt and grow in the face of an ever-evolving business environment.

In this fast-paced and tech-driven world, if your organization is behind the curve, it may stay there.

Make sure your board of directors have the correct guidance to steer your business toward success.

Your organization needs to be at the cutting edge of transformation.

Get in touch and learn how John’s board advisory services can prepare your organization for the future.

Let John build your Tomorrow Team

In the TeamTomorrow Advisory, John lends his expert strategic planning and training skills to equip a parallel external team with new capabilities dedicated solely to progression, tech adaptation and future-focused strategies.

Why Create a Tomorrow Team?

With the TeamTomorrow Advisory, you’ll have access to outsourced Chief of Tomorrow Officer that:

Why Create a Tomorrow Team?

With the TeamTomorrow Advisory, you’ll have access to outsourced Chief of Tomorrow Officers that:

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As the old structures of business crumble in the face of rapid change, it’s time for a new approach.

Find out how the Executive Advisory will prepare your business for the future and beyond. Get the exact expertise you need to guide your company towards a bright future. Get John’s decades of experience injected directly into your organization