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Reimagining Our World and Conquering Uncertainty

FutureNEXT by John Sanei: Navigate the Era of Abundance

The future has arrived early, and it is challenging each of us to ask and answer the defining questions of our time, “How will our post-pandemic society move forward?”

Future questions plague us, “Will we ever return to the world we once knew? Are we witnessing the development of a new socio-economic system?”

Shaped by the dynamic approach of futures-strategist John Sanei and the profound economic thinking of Dr Iraj Abedian, FutureNEXT equips readers with the mindset and tools needed to forge a new way forward—a way of confidence and peace of mind.

FutureNEXT explores our ever-evolving responsibilities that, as consumers, employers, entrepreneurs, employees and executives, we are tasked with in reimagining our world.

In doing so, the book provides a path to create prosperous societies that are more harmonious, systematically fair and sustainable than anything we’ve known.

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