*transitioning into the humans of the future

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The world's technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Augmented reality, artificial intelligence, robots, and the metaverse are no longer casual conversation points. Instead, they're infiltrating our everyday lives.

Standing at the precipice of the unknown, where human beings find themselves pushing the limits of everything that came before, the opportunities that the digital world presents are endless. Why, then, in this state of hyper possibility and hyperconnectivity, do we feel so disconnected?

There is an uncanny contrast in our current state: progression, advancement, and evolution are at our fingertips, yet on an individual level, our internal systems are buckling. How come, when the world is so advanced, are human beings experiencing the highest recorded levels of loneliness, anxiety, and depression?

The world outside may look brave and bold, but internally, we’re racked with uncertainty.

As exciting as the potential of a tech-fuelled world is, we as humans must focus on a software upgrade, not for the tech in our homes, offices, and pockets, but the software upgrade of our own machinery. As the outside world progresses, we need to upgrade our inner worlds to be able to meet this future with excitement, adaptability, and optimism.

Welcome to the Future of Humans.

In my latest keynote speech, HUMANtra*, I discuss both external and internal technology, and share how our human operating systems need an upgrade. I unpack global geopolitical and economic cycles to forecast what is coming next. Finally, I share how best we can prepare ourselves, our children, and our businesses to meet the most uncertain future we have collectively faced.

Understand which geopolitical and economic cycle the world is currently in.

Learn the many ways in which technology is advancing.

Understand how these technological developments impact global commerce and contemporary business strategies.

Learn how to develop new organizational structures to deal with these macro changes.

Discover the intricacies of neuroscience and the human brain, our individual ‘supercomputers,’ and how our current ‘software’ informs our perceptions and reality.

Learn how to upgrade this individual software to develop true agility, resilience, and optimism.

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Step boldly into our strange, new world.

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