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Becoming comfortable with the unknown is no longer a privilege of choice but a necessity. As we leap into our FutureNow, agility and clarity of self is vital to ensure our abundant tomorrow. Don’t be afraid to start over again, you may like your new story better.

In this keynote, I take you through the practical steps of taking the emotions of-now to prepare for tomorrow.

Key Insights:

+ Understand the moment and prepare for life as you now know it to be.
+ Focus your energy on what you want.
+ Follow your curiosity and find your wisdom.


Life as we know it is ceases to exist, what will become is based on how we perceive our reality. Each, linked to our perception of our current state of mind. How do you envision your future?

In this keynote, I take you through the four possible scenarios of the new world and help you shift your perception and build adaptive resilience to create your own.

Key Insights:

+ Understand the four states of mind and what creates them.
+ Envisage which four scenarios society has the potential to create.
+ Learn how to shift your persepctive and build adaptation towards a resilient society.


How we perceive the future is paramount in how we prepare for it, but to recognise potential in shifting times we need to activate our wisdom and curiosity. Once you do, you can connect the invisible dots and unearth new forces of motivation.

Key insights:

+ Understand the distance between certainty and choice
+ Activate wisdom and curiosity to enter the flow state
+ Practice FOREsight and recognise unseen patterns


You face a choice: disrupt, or be disrupted. Your decision requires an understanding of the new rules of business and the behaviour behind them. Learn how to thrive, and choose, by asking bolder questions, exploring new industries, and becoming AQ-focused.

Key insights:

+ Understand the history of disruption
+ Differentiate between disruptors and the disrupted
+ Cultivate new behaviours to prepare for the future


It’s essential that we rethink, re-evaluate and redesign the notion of leadership to match the increasing business and organisational complexity facing businesses and employees today. Unlock and adopt the leadership mindset a future shaper, a bold creator and a forever learner.

Key insights:

+ Differentiate between management and leadership
+ Understand the future leadership traits for winning
+ Shift your organisation’s behaviour to become future ready


Your business’s future depends on your ability to attract, inspire and motivate people who want to work with, not for, you. Discover what tomorrow’s employee looks like, what drives them, and how to attract sustainable talent.

Key insights:

+ Identify the need states of your future employee
+ Understand the need states of your future market
+ Learn how to attract and retain your future employee


Staying relevant, authentic and profitable in our hyper-fluid world is essential – but it’s a significant challenge. This keynote uses trends as the basis for a profound behavioural shift that fast-tracks the adoption of a ‘Forever Profitable’ culture.

Key insights:

+ Identify disruptors in outside sectors
+ Learn the ‘new’ rules of business
+ Increase your Adaptability Quotient (AQ)