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Keynote speaker John Sanei has inspired and motivated hundreds of organisations and institutions with his insightful and thought-provoking keynote speeches. Are you ready to shift the way you think about tomorrow?

Motivational keynote speaker John Sanei his collective wisdom in trend analysis, futurism, human psychology, neuroscience and technology adaptation strategies to your organisation. Packaging decades of knowledge and experience into concise and compelling keynote speeches, John’s insights will enlighten and enliven your team, getting them thinking about and excited for the future, now.
During a single-session keynote, John will discuss several topics at length. Keynotes are impactful learning experiences, however, masterclasses give you the opportunity to dive deeper. Through a multi-session masterclass, John expands on the concepts taught in the keynote to solidify learning and embed behaviours to be able to prepare for the future.

Keynote Topics

Browse a collection of keynote speeches John has delivered to hundreds of organisations. Each keynote speech can be customised to fit your organisation, audience and event’s needs. If you need help deciding which keynote is best for you, get in touch with John or send an email to

Liberated Futures Keynote

Liberated Futures

This captivating keynote provides decision-makers and executives with the tools to navigate the transformative landscape of AI. This thought-provoking talk challenges our addiction to certainty and efficiency, highlighting the gap between human and AI capabilities.

leadership keynote speaker

Future of Leadership

What is required for individuals and organisations to thrive in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape? In this keynote, John shares the latest developments in leadership, neuroscience and psychology to help leaders shift into a new paradigm.

mental health keynote speakers

Mental Health

In this riveting keynote speech, John Sanei conveys a holistic approach to mental health and neuroscience, and how ​​becoming comfortable with and celebrating the unknown—rather than fearing it—can prepare us for the future of work and education.

corporate team building workshops

Organisational Transformation

In this compelling keynote, future strategist John Sanei shares strategies for developing parallel teams with new capabilities to tackle current and future challenges while still maintaining the effectiveness of existing teams.

keynote business speakers

Future of Work

The rapid evolution of artificial intelligence will change the face of work forever. In this keynote speech, John will share the latest developments in AI and tech, and help prepare your organisation for adopting these future technologies.

artificial intelligence keynote speakers

AI & Your Business

The rapid evolution of artificial intelligence will change the face of work forever. In this keynote speech, John will share the latest developments in AI and tech, and help prepare your organisation for adopting these future technologies.

speakers on innovation

Future of Humans

How do individuals think, act and perform, and how do they develop new ways of adding value in the near distant future? In this keynote speech, futurist John Sanei explores technology, emotions and the importance of upgrading one's internal software to prepare for the next wave of change.

education keynote speakers

Future of Education

Traditional education as we know it is changing. We need to adopt a new approach to teaching, unlearning, learning and tapping into one’s unique genius. In this inspiring keynote, John discusses strategies for fostering creativity and innovative problem-solving.

Frequently Asked Questions

John Sanei is a globally renowned motivational keynote speaker with years of experience in the organisation transformation space. He is an acclaimed future strategist and has advised countless organisations, including leaders, CEOs of Fortune 100 companies, governments, and even royal families worldwide on ways to prepare for the changing future of work and education.

He is a faculty member at both Singularity University and Duke Corporate Education, an Associate Partner at the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies, a Chief of Tomorrow Board Member, a five-time best-selling author and co-host of The Expansive podcast.

A keynote speaker is an industry expert or thought leader who shares their knowledge, wisdom and unique perspectives with an audience. Keynote speeches are often focused on one particular topic or issue.

In the case of John’s thought-provoking keynotes, he covers a wide range of speeches that focus on advancements in technology, the future of work and education, and preparing individuals for the changes that may come.

Keynote presentations can take place at conferences, seminars, or various business meetings, and are delivered with the purpose of motivating, inspiring or educating an audience. If you’re interested in booking to speak at one of your events, get in touch and share your event requirements.

John is an extremely versatile keynote speaker, facilitating internal events, conferences and book tours.

John has spoken at hundreds of events, summits, forums and conferences worldwide, inspiring thousands of audience members on the topics of tech, sales, AI, organisational upgrades and more. He has also spoken at smaller, more intimate events addressing internal teams and board members where he focuses on more specific problems related to the organisation.

Beyond corporates and businesses, keynote speaker John Sanei also fulfils events for governments, and educational institutions, and also engages with royal families.

If you’re ready to book John Sanei as a keynote speaker for your event, begin by browsing the keynote topics above. Some of the most popular topics include the Future of Work, AI and Your Business, the Future of Leadership and Organisational Transformation. Each keynote can be tailored to fit your organisation’s needs. Keynote talks can also be extended into multi-session masterclasses.

Once you have selected a topic, head to the Book John page and fill in the form. Please provide as much information about your event, including the desired date, location and anticipated audience size. From there, one of John’s team will contact you directly to discuss your event and requirements.

If you’re not 100% sure about your event specifications and would like to chat about creating a custom event, either head over to the Contact page and share your thoughts via the contact form or by emailing One of John’s team will get in touch.

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