Future of Education Keynote

Adapt and Thrive: The Future of Education in a Changing Economy

Traditional models and methods of education are shifting away from the safe and comfortable known.

In this fascinating talk, innovative keynote speaker John Sanei will explore the future of education in the context of a rapidly changing economy. In the near future, the traditional face of education we know will change. The focus will be on empowering individuals to identify problems, think creatively, and adapt to change, rather than celebrating output.

For centuries, we as a populace have been celebrated for our linear, logical and outcomes-based thinking. Reframing this, John encourages an unlearning of the skills we’ve been taught and, instead, instructs on the importance of teaching adaptive, not analytical, thinking.

In the future economy, the key to success will lie in an individual’s ability to access their unique genius and harness it to navigate an ever-changing landscape.

In this keynote, John shares his insights and ideas on how to achieve this. This keynote is ideal for educators, administrators, and anyone interested in the future of education.

Keynote Talk Takeaways

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