Future of Work Keynote

Workforce 2.0: Navigating the Future of Work and Developing Purpose as a Skill

Rather than a cleverly crafted mission statement on a reception wall with the purpose of inspiring employees, this keynote speech deciphers how we develop our skills as building blocks and instil them within organisations.

During the talk, keynote speaker John Sanei will reframe the age-old question ‘What is my purpose?’ during a time when what has come before is defunct and what is to come is unknown.

Based on extensive research into future strategy, business strategy, human behaviour and psychology, John will help your organisation unravel the enigma of roles as business leaders, entrepreneurs or managers. In readying you for Workforce 2.0, he’ll pose questions and paths forward regarding how we find meaning when the pillars of what we have known have shifted and what we do with this newly-acquired knowledge.

Takeaways include understanding the role of curiosity and creativity in driving success in the future of work, recognising the importance of developing an adaptive mindset to navigate an uncertain future, and breaking free from the pre-conditioned surplus society psychology.

The ideal attendees for this session would be business leaders, entrepreneurs or managers looking to find meaning and purpose in a rapidly changing world of work.

Keynote Talk Takeaways

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