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Go deeper with John. Extending his internationally acclaimed keynote talks, business strategist and trend expert John Sanei creates captivating, interactive learning experiences for organizations, teams and leaders looking to anchor his frameworks deeper within their operations.

Futurist, bold changemaker and captivating keynote speaker John Sanei shares detailed insights and in-depth wisdom in his multi-session masterclasses. Attendees will enjoy engaging talks and thought-provoking discussions, all the while learning from John’s masterful presentations.
Where keynotes are an information-rich, futurism-fuelled single servings, masterclasses are multi-session experiences designed to help attendees adopt new behaviours in order to prepare for the future. Each masterclass includes interactive elements to help attendees concretise new knowledge and anchor ideas gained during the masterclass.

Masterclass Topics

Explore John Sanei’s collection of riveting masterclasses and book one for your team or organization. Masterclasses can be tailored to fit the needs of your company or institution. Get in touch with John’s team to discuss your requirements. Either head to the contact page or email [email protected].

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Future of Work

Meaningful work is at the heart of all operations. In this multi-session masterclass, John works with your organization to help them build purpose as a skill and translate it into value as the world evolves and the future draws closer.

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Future of Leadership

Learn effective leadership strategies that’ll lead your team or organization to success in the unknown future. Join John as he shares years of experience and insight into business, neuroscience, and human psychology in this leadership-focused multi-session masterclass.

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Organizational Transformation

In this compelling masterclass, John Sanei discusses the importance of shifting business focus and perspective before it's too late. Here, John shares the process of building parallel teams within organizations—one focused on the present, the other focused on the future—and what this can mean for the next level iteration of your organization.

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Mental Health

Discover the power and hidden potential of the human brain in this multi-session masterclass. Learn from John as he shares the latest research in neuroscience, mindfulness and how brain health, and how embracing the discomfort of change can prepare humans for the future of work and education.

AI and Your Business Masterclass

AI and Your Business

Artificial intelligence and next-gen tech are shaking up the way work is done. In this multi-day masterclass series, John walks you and your team through the possibilities that AI will bring to your business, and share how you can best prepare for the shifts to come.

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Future of Humans

Join John as he explores the current and future landscape of the digital world. In this masterclass, John discusses how we as humans can think, perform and create value in the ever evolving world, and also shares the importance of why each of us should upgrade our internal systems to be adaptable and welcoming in the face of change.

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