Future of Humans Masterclass

How to Upgrade Our Systems and Prepare for the Challenges of the Unknown in the Ever-Evolving Digital Age

Without a doubt, the latest advancements in technology are affecting our everyday lives. We, as humans, need to prepare ourselves for the changes that may come, whether we can anticipate them or not.

In this five-session masterclass, leading futurist and global keynote speaker John Sanei guides attendees on a captivating journey through technological advancements and how best to prepare for whatever the future may bring.

In the masterclass, John will discuss the current and future landscape of the digital world, as well as share the importance of why each of us should upgrade our internal systems to be adaptable and welcoming in the face of change.

The masterclass includes several interactive elements where attendees will learn about the intricacies of neuroscience, uncover global geopolitical and economic cycles, and integrate contemporary business strategies.

At the end of the five-session masterclass, attendees will have a strong grasp on their own individual software and how best to continually upgrade it as the world evolves and technology develops. They’ll leave the masterclass with an ability to foster true resilience, optimism and agility.

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Masterclass Breakdown

The five-session Future of Humans masterclass is structured as follows:

Session 1: Understanding the Current State of Technology

Attendees will learn about the advancements in technology and how they are affecting our everyday lives. John will delve into the current state of human emotions and understand why, despite the advancements in technology, individuals are experiencing high levels of loneliness and anxiety.

Session 2: Upgrading Internal Systems

Attendees will learn about the importance of upgrading our own internal systems to meet the future with excitement and adaptability. John will lead interactive exercises on how to develop personal and organisational rituals, habits, and behaviours to bring about lasting change.

Session 3: Global Geopolitical and Economic Cycles

Attendees will explore global geopolitical and economic cycles and learn how to forecast what is coming next. John will share insights on how these macro changes impact global commerce and contemporary business strategies.

Session 4: Neuroscience and the Human Brain

Attendees will discover the intricacies of neuroscience and the human brain, our individual ‘supercomputers,’ and how our current ‘software’ informs our perceptions and reality. John will lead exercises on how to recalibrate our internal software for greater agility and resilience.

Session 5: Preparing for the Future

Attendees will learn how to prepare themselves, their children, and their businesses to meet the most uncertain future we have collectively faced. John will lead interactive workshops on how to develop new organisational structures and road maps with the end in mind, to navigate the uncertain future with confidence.

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