Future of Leadership

How to Create Effective Leadership That Inspires Organizations Today, Tomorrow and in the Future

Discover the latest developments in leadership strategies and learn practical skills required for inspirational governance in the ever-evolving business landscape.

Drawing from years of experience, insight and the latest research in organizational psychology and neuroscience, John guides attendees through refining and finessing their own leadership skills to lead their teams.

After this five-session masterclass, attendees will be equipped with the necessary skills and strategies required to lead their teams and organizations with confidence and surety towards success.

Attendees will also have a comprehensive understanding of what is required of them as leaders as the world moves from the industrial age to the quantum age, and what effective leadership-driven resource management could look like as the world and face of business evolve exponentially.

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Masterclass Breakdown

The five-session Future of Leadership masterclass is structured as follows:

Session 1: Personal Neuroscience Recalibration

Attendees will learn about the latest research on the neuroscience of leadership and how to recalibrate their own skills to meet the challenges of the rapidly changing business landscape.

Session 2: Shifting Landscape of Business

Attendees will explore the shift from the industrial age to the quantum age and the skills that will be required to succeed in this new environment.

Session 3: Developing Teams for Today, Tomorrow, and the Day After

Attendees will learn how to build parallel teams with different capabilities for different layers of innovation while keeping the old teams intact.

Session 4: Building the Future with the End in Mind

Attendees will learn how to create roadmaps with the end in mind and work backwards to achieve their goals.

Session 5: Creating New Personal and Organizational Rituals

Attendees will discover the intricacies of personal and organizational rituals, habits, and behaviours and how to bring about lasting change by changing their daily, weekly and monthly routines.

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