Mental Health Masterclass

How to Unlock the Hidden Potential of the Human Brain for Power, Productivity and Longevity

Discover the latest research on brain waves and neuroscience, specifically focusing on how it relates to the future of humans.

In this five-session masterclass, attendees will learn a holistic approach to health and well-being, including how to heal their relationship with memories and imagine positive futures. They will also learn the importance of befriending the unknown, how ​​becoming comfortable with and celebrating the unknown—rather than fearing it—can prepare them for the future of work and education.

The masterclass includes interactive elements such as rehearsing behaviours and learning easy-to-implement and effective meditation skills. These practices will be incorporated to help attendees develop a calm heart and clear mind, essential for creativity, adaptability and optimism in an uncertain future.

The session aims to upgrade attendees’ perspectives and empower them to embrace the unknown with confidence. This masterclass is ideal for individuals looking to enhance their awareness and adaptability skills.

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Masterclass Breakdown

The five-session Mental Health masterclass is structured as follows:

Session 1: Introduction to Brain Waves and Neuroscience

Session 2: Holistic Health and the Brain

Session 3: Mindfulness and Meditation

Session 4: Creativity and Brain Function

Session 5: The Future of the Brain and Human Potential

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