Organizational Transformation

How to Redefine and Shift Organizational Behaviour to Guarantee Success

Our current perspectives will soon become redundant as the future approaches fast.

In this five-session masterclass, keynote speaker John Sanei leads attendees as they begin to understand the importance of shifting their organizational focus and perspective as the face of business, work, and education begin to change.

As the world evolves rapidly, organizations need to adapt to the times. In this masterclass, John shares case studies, research findings, and insights from years of experience in organizational strategic planning—packaged in a powerful and interactive learning experience.

By the end of the masterclass, attendees will learn how to identify emotional blocks and biases that hinder success—and also how to overcome them. They’ll learn why it is crucial to shift organizational behaviour to achieve long-term success and how to build organizations that are future-proofed and set on victory.

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Masterclass Breakdown

The five-session Organizational Transformation masterclass is structured as follows:

Session 1: Introduction to the Masterclass

Session 2: Unpacking Mental Blocks

Session 3: Recognising the Resilience Trap

Session 4: Calibrating Future Strategies

Session 5: Building the Right Frameworks

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