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Named as one of the most engaging speakers in the world, neuroscience keynote speaker and best-selling author, John Sanei has inspired audiences from Dallas to Dubai, New York to London, Berlin to Cape Town, and all across the globe.

With decades of experience in innovation, futurism, business strategy, psychology and neuroscience, John has developed a signature approach to problem-solving, high-level business strategy and predicting future trends.

He has worked with many of the world’s most successful organizations, including members of the Global Fortune 100, such as MeltWater, Santam, Mastercard, Naspers, Netcare, Coca-Cola, Visa, Nedbank and PWC, with clients that span across multiple industries including consulting, finance, automotive, governmental and educational institutions, consumer goods, luxury brands and more.

“Very few people can command the attention of a room like John Sanei. A truly magnetic presenter. Quite simply, John does not settle for mediocrity, and it shows.”Meltwater

John Sanei

Keynote Speaker on Neuroscience

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What is Neuroscience?

Neuroscience is the study of the human brain and nervous system. Exploring this fascinating internal system can reveal enthralling insights into human behaviour, psychology, decision-making and cognition.

Beyond merely understanding the brain and its mass of neurons and synapses, research and developments in neuroscience can be used to unlock the functioning, performance and optimisation of individuals, and thus teams and organizations. With the correct training, the brain—a malleable and adaptive instrument—can be shaped to improve focus and cognitive responses.

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, organizations that understand the importance of neuroscience and focused brain power will have a strong advantage over those that don’t.

To John, understanding neuroscience means unlocking possibilities:

By understanding and embracing the power of the brain, leaders and managers can create a working environment where individuals feel fuelled, empowered and engaged. They’ll be able to tap into and unleash the full potential of their employees, fronting a workforce that is unstoppable in the future of business.

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Brands John's Worked With

How Major Brands Experience International Speaker John Sanei

“You mesmerised the audience.” “Between the speed and the notation of your voice, the audience never looked at their phones except to take photos of the presentation.”
"That was absolutely brilliant – you hit every important nail on why, what and how we need to thrive in the world today and in the very near future. So much crucial learning to take away. Thank you."
"This was truly an excellent experience. Thank you so much, John, excellent session"
"I cannot remember ever experiencing such a positive, energetic speaker before. Thank you for an excellent presentation, John!"
“The audience was captivated and inspired by John’s magnetic presentation and storytelling and he challenged the thinking of our employees to consider their future contributions to ensure our business remains relevant in a changing environment.”
“His awareness touched me on many different levels.”
John lives his version of Magnetiism, attracting success in all respects. His frank honesty, militant optimism and abundance thinking is liberating to all audiences. John never fails to enthuse and inspire, he is truly worth listening to.

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Popular Neuroscience Keynote Topics

Leadership expert and keynote speaker John Sanei shares wisdom and guidance through several inspiring keynotes.

John’s engaging neuroscience keynotes can be delivered in-person or online. In-person events are extremely thrilling, however, virtual keynote presentations are just as powerful. Both in-person and virtual keynotes include a presentation and a Q&A component.

Acclaimed keynotes centred around neuroscience

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In this keynote speech, innovation expert John Sanei examines how individuals can upgrade their internal software to add value in the near future.

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Future of Leadership

Discover groundbreaking, forward-thinking approaches to leadership for the evolving business landscape as John shares ways to build new capabilities, and foster organizational agility.

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Future of Work

Discover Workforce 2.0 where John's talk challenges the traditional concept of a mission statement and emphasises skill-building and its importance in organizations.

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Mental Health

Learn how a holistic approach to health and well-being will positively impact the individuals in your organization by fostering creativity, adaptability and optimism.

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Organizational Transformation

Learn as John discusses the importance of improving the internal structure of an organization by shifting behaviours of individuals to achieve long-term success.

Neuroscience Masterclasses

Looking for something more than a single event or speaking arrangement? John’s keynotes can be extended into multi-session masterclasses. Over several sessions, John will deep dive into concepts and share powerful interactive exercises to help audience members assimilate and integrate concepts.

Other Popular Topics by Keynote Speaker John Sanei

John discusses the following popular topics at length

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