TeamTomorrow Advisory

As the old structures of business crumble in the face of rapid change, it’s time for a new approach. Traditional models, driven by economies of scale and efficiency, are being disrupted by technology and artificial intelligence, rendering tried-and-true methods of work, operations, and profit generation obsolete.
To prepare your organisation for the future, consider the TeamTomorrow Advisory. This revolutionary concept involves the creation of a business-within-a-business, a forward-thinking nucleus focused on innovation and evolution. Rather than relying on tactical approaches to fix and retrofit current models, the TeamTomorrow Advisory offers a unique, agile structure that leverages tech, data, and machine learning to drive success. Don’t get left behind – embrace the future with the TeamTomorrow Advisory.

What is TeamTomorrow

Instead of overhauling your entire business’s structure and processes, as this would ultimately scramble your organization and confuse your employees, the Tomorrow T earn is introduced as a secondary entity within your company.

A parallel business unit within your organization, your Tomorrow Team is laser-focused on developing new solutions with new skills, KPls and structures and, most importantly, leveraging economies of learning.

Your current organization will continue to execute its necessary efficiencies and modifications, keeping today’s world moving forward. Concurrently, the Tomorrow Team will look to the future and beyond, devising cutting-edge strategies to take your organization further, faster.

You can continue with business as usual while a covert team focuses its undivided attention on growth and technology. Your Tomorrow Team will forecast and prepare for the onset of future developments and strategize how they can best use these oncoming changes in your business.

Why create a Tomorrow Team
With the Team Tomorrow Advisory, you’ll have access to outsourced Chief of Tomorrow Officers that:
  • Sit on boards and liaise with executives, bridging the gap between top-level management and the organization.
  • Introduce macro trends into the decision-making spaces so that your organization remains up-to-date and relevant.
  • Develop teams that run parallel to the current organization, thus preserving all existing processes and structures without losing out on growth opportunities.
  • Shape the future of your business so that you can reap the rewards when they come.

Begin Today.

In this fast-paced and tech-driven world, if your organization is behind the curve, it may stay there. As we’re ushered into a new era of business, make sure your organization is at the cutting edge of transformation.

Prepare your organization for the future. Prepare your team for tomorrow, today.
Book John Sanei to set up your Team Tomorrow and protect your organization’s bright future.

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