Your organization needs to future-proof its profits  stay ahead of the trends  remain relevant in the face of change  get ready for the future


Inspiring keynote talks that engage and reframe your organization’s approach to welcoming the future.

We are hyper-focused on the present but don’t pay enough attention to what may come in the future. John’s internationally acclaimed keynote speeches are designed to open minds, challenge preconceived ideas, and expand consciousness—all while preparing attendees for the changes and challenges the future will bring.

Keynote speeches are perfect for business managers, leaders, board members, or heads of organizations, governments or educational institutions looking to engage, inspire or educate individuals under their supervision.

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Multi-session interactive learning experiences designed to solidify teachings and create modern wisdom.

​​Learn from John over multiple sessions. Where keynotes are an introduction to insights and foresights, masterclasses spanning several sessions help attendees develop the tools, behaviours and processes necessary for uplevelling.

Get laser-focused teachings, demonstrations and presentations neatly packaged from John’s decades of experience and insight. Masterclasses include several interactive elements, such as Q&As, practice sessions and more, designed to help you and your organization fully grasp new concepts and change the relevant patterning to prepare themselves for any and all eventualities.

Masterclasses are ideal for business leaders, managers, HR heads, team leaders or anyone interested in learning beyond listening—who want to retain more knowledge and implement more of John’s teachings over time.

Strategic Advisory

Dedicated and custom solutions developed specifically for your organization’s goals.

Work directly with John and get his specialist advisory services with undivided expertise for your organization.

John’s high-level advisory services are perfect for organizations, governments or educational institutions who wish to future-proof their operations, prepare their teams, maintain their competitive edge, and set themselves up for high profit margins—regardless of the changes or challenges the future may bring.

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