John writes a new book with new ideas every year.

He believes that sharing new ideas and new thinking is our path to a better world and it’s up to all of us to create a better collective reality.

WHO DO WE BECOME? Step boldly into our strange, new world.

Infused with empathy and personal anecdote, Who Do We Become? explores our individual responsibility to evolve into more decent, dynamic version of ourselves, our businesses and humanity as a whole, especially in times of crisis. Travel with John as he maps out our strange, new world and lays down a path to reframe our thinking, to recognise our discomfort, to survive and thrive. 

FUTURENEXT. Reimagining our world and conquering uncertainty.

What imprint will the pandemic leave on our society? Will we ever return to the world we once knew? Are we witnessing the end of the capitalist system?

FutureNext forges a new way forward by addressing the defining questions of our time. Shaped by the dynamic thinking of future strategist John Sanei and the profound economic and philosophical principles of Dr Iraj Abedian, the book explores our evolving responsibilities as the consumers, employees, employers, entrepreneurs and executives tasked with reimagining our reality; providing a path to confidently create a more harmonious, systematically fair and sustainable yet prosperous world.

FORESIGHT. Prepare your perspective for the future you create.

Our perspective on the world is of paramount importance when preparing for the future, but how do you actively cultivate an outlook that empowers you to recognise opportunities that seem invisible?

Foresight adjusts your perspective, empowering you to create a future with purpose in an era when security and certainty have been replaced by abundant choice.

Learn how to adjust your mindset, escape restrictive perspectives and connect invisible dots with 50 shots of FOREsight that explore psychology, science, and the future you are creating.

MAGNETIIZE. Stop the chase. Understand the change. Take control of your future.

We are all caught in a never-ending chase, hurrying after something intangible. This chase to nowhere has dragged us to the age of disruption, and brought us face-to-face with our fear of fast-paced change. 

In Magnetiize, I combine human psychology, business strategy and future studies to help bring your truest self to the fore and face the ever-changing world with elegant confidence. 

Stop chasing life and take control of your future. Join me on the exhilarating ride to a life of purpose and a future of your creation.



What mindset do you need to thrive in today’s rapidly-changing world? What’s Your Moonshot? prepares you for a personal and business future where you are financially and intellectually sustainable – what I call Forever Profitable.

The first step is to get your internal strategy right by confronting a profound question: are you seeing yourself as a victim of the future, or an architect of it?

Once you understand your perspective, we decipher which business strategies, trends and innovations are relevant to you and your business in this era of disruption, so you can develop and implement your own ‘Moonshot’ idea.