The Human A.I Symphony

Orchestrating Value for Today & Tomorrow

In one of the greatest technological revolutions of all time, A.I and human collaboration is becoming an integral part of our world. In this keynote, John explains how A.I has evolved from curation to creation, from a tool to an unprecedented personal and work partner. He provides a framework, and case studies on how to leverage the interface between humans and artificial intelligence for exponential value creation in business and sales for your team and organization, today and tomorrow.

This keynote navigates through the evolution of A.I, from being tools to becoming integral virtual assistants, teammates, consultants, protectors, coaches, therapists, bosses, and even customers. As we move from everyday A.I, enhancing productivity, to game-changing A.I, revolutionizing creativity, we unveil the A.I opportunity radar. Everyday A.I keeps organizations in the game, whereas game-changing A.I opens doors to unprecedented innovation and industry disruption.

This presentation dissects the internal and external realms of A.I application, illustrating how it transforms back-office functions, liberating professionals from drudgery, and empowers front- office teams to identify patterns unobservable by human senses. This talk introduces the concept of the A.I opportunity radar, helping organizations determine their zones of play and chart their A.I journey.

The three key takeaways from The Human A.I Symphony are:

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